Portixeddu Beach – Piscinas 2 Days “Fluminimaggiore”

  • Type:   Guided Tour - Challenging for experts
    Duration:   2 days
    Price:   €200 to person
  • Total distance:   35km RT
    Departure:   Portixeddu Beach 8:30 am
    Return:   Piscinas 6.00 pm

Meeting point: Portixeddu Beach Fluminimaggiore

In the Costa Verde of Arbus there are two wonderful dune formations, real miniature deserts; the light golden color of the sand contrasts strongly with the surrounding landscape, where the green of the dense Mediterranean scrub that covers the surrounding hills stands out while, to the west, a very clean sea bathes many kilometers of solitary beaches. From the geological and landscape point of view are also worth mentioning the whitewashed limestone cliffs of Masua-Nebida, with the picturesque Pan di Zucchero, 132 meters high. To remember, for the possibilities of comfortable bathing, the coast of the Gulf of Gonnesa, very easily accessible, with wide beach, cliffs and dunes.
To the south of Porto Paglia, a long stretch of coastline presents the wild aspect of the ridges of dark volcanic rock surmounted by high coastal slopes, and alternated with points of sandstone with a typical golden color.

During this tour we visit the following places: Portixeddu Beach, Piscinas Beach, Capo Pecora, Piscinas Beach.

N.B.: Minimum 4 people, duration, departure and arrival times can be changed based on personal needs.

Prices include fiberglass kayak, paddle, splash guard, life jacket, waterproof jar for storing personal items and waterproof bags. Food and drinks are not included in the tour cost.