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The Associazione Sportiva Cardedu kayak, the only canoe club in the province and belonging to the FICK (Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation), was born out of an idea of Francesco Muntoni who, with a few friends, founded it in the winter of 2003. The number of members, starting from spring 2004, in a short space of time surpassed even the most optimistic forecasts. At the end of 2007 there are


about 50 members, some from Ogliastra, some from the rest of Italy. Competitive activities started in 2005, with the first regional races. Soon after the Club is chosen to organise, for the first time in Ogliastra, races valid for the Regional Championships. As important is the organisation of sea excursions, so much so that in both 2006 and 2007 national-level excursions are organised, with the


patronage of the FICK. For several years Cardedu Kayak also organises socially-useful events, including canoeing for diversely-able people and participating in the annual "Spiagge e Fondali Puliti" (removing rubbish from beaches and the seabed) with local scubadiving clubs and the Lega Ambiente Italia.
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