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Cardedu Kayak invites clubs, associations and those who just simply love the sea to come and visit us to share the emotion that our land and magnificent sea has to offer. We are proud to offer 64 different itineries, covering all technical abilities, for you to tour the entire coastline of Sardinia giving you the possibility to experience the natural scents and emotions only accessible in a kayak.


Each route is described in detail with distances, times and level of difficulty. The trips are of various durations, from a half-day to a multiple-day excursion. Particularly evocative are the night time outings, with nautic camping and fishing from the kayak. Cardedu Kayak guarantees with all its excursions assistance from a F.I.C.K. qualified instructor with maximum safety and useful suggestion for increased enjoyment. Group tours and school groups can be accommodated and personal tours of increased duration can also be organised. Prices with personal estimate on request.

What to bring...
Shorts or sleeveless wet-suit (2.5 max—3 min), jersey or pull-over, neoprene gloves, socks and water boots/shoes

Shorts or wet-suit accessories (2.5 max—3min), thermal shirts, water boots/shoes

Shorts or lycra mesh thermal (slight), water shoes, swim-wear, hire of wet-suits

Other information
The schedule will be decided at the time of booking.
If you bring your own kayak/canoe and wish to join our tours you must be correctly certified and equipped for safety at sea. However, you will be entitled to a 40% discount on all routes (management retain the right to refuse participation should any required information be given falsely).

The cost of excursion includes: Guide “Italian Canoe Kayak Federation Instructor”, laminated paper route, paddle, sea kayak (single or tandem models with water-tight compartments), water-guard cover, wind jacket, bags, 2 persons water-tight tent (where applicable).

Booking with club membership cards offers a 10% discount.

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