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Excursions prices
For pricing of kayak excursions you should visit the detail pages of routes.

» Cardedu Kayak routes page

Courses prices
Basic level– Sea canoe
(5 lessons of 2 hours)
150,00 €
Advanced level– Sea canoe
(5 lessons of 2 hours)
200,00 €
Basic level – Olympic canoe
(5 lessons of 2 hours)
200,00 €
Advanced level – Olympic canoe
(4 lessons of 2 hours)
300,00 €

Kayak rental prices
Models Janautica based Kayak single and double in Pvc
(Canoeing suitable for day trips)
25,00 €
(per person per day)
Models Diana Canoe based kayak singles and doubles in fiber VTR
(Sea Kayak suitable for day trips)
50,00 €
(per person per day)
Kayak single, models XP Point Diana Canoe in Fiber VTR- PVC
(Kayak for expert suitable for long distances)
50,00 €
(per person per day)

*The prices include all equipment
**The transport of kayaks and people is an additional cost (variable)
***The reservation is done with a minimum 10 days in advance. Deposit of 20% at the time of booking .

To book an excursion you can pay via bank transfer/postal order. Below the payment details:

A.S.D Cardedu Kayak
Cardedu 08040 (OG)
Postal account number : 000004608366
IBAN code: IT63G0760117300000004608366
ABI code: 07601
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