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The East Coast of Sardinia: the canoeist’s ideal habitat, according to not just Cadedu Kayak but anyone who’s been lucky enough to visit and paddle here. Places visited all year round by those who love nature and its marvels, rather than creature comforts. The coastline lends itself to all open-air sporting and “wellness” activities. Among these, sea canoeing is the most sought-after. The canoeist’s privileged position and the absolute silence, interrupted only by the noise of the paddle


Beaches and bays in all their beauty alternate with little caves, impressive rocks and granite shapes eroded over time by wind and sea. You paddle kilometre after kilometre, forgetting the time that passes, accompanied by a continuous show of colours and smells and, when you look up to the majestic high limestone cliffs falling vertically down to the sea, you can’t help noticing the calm and undisturbed flight of the griffon vulture.
At Cardedu Kayak we’re certain that all this will delight the expert and not-so-expert canoeist. Happy Paddling…

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Half day tour: Spiaggetta Cardedu � Coccorrocci Enjoy an easy half day tour discovering the coast from Marina Cardedu till Coccorrocci. Sunday 8th October 2017.Km 8 A+R »

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