Cardedu Tour with the Moon

  • Type:   Tour Guided - Easy
    Duration:   3 hours
    Price:   45 € to person
  • Total distance:   5 km Total
    Departure:   La Spiaggetta Cardedu area at 7,00 pm
    Return:   La Spiaggetta Cardedu area at 10,00 pm
Meeting point: The Marina di Cardedu Beach

An easy evening excursion, suitable for everyone, truly suggestive and pleasant.
Paddling at dusk, in a rainbow of lights and colors that turns fast and lulled by the silvery sea, conveys peace and well-being.
We remain suspended in a unique dimension and experience the magic of the day that leaves room for the evening, from an unusual perspective - the sea, and finally the Moon that rises from the sea and illuminates everything around us.

NB: duration, departure and arrival times can be modified on the basis of personal needs.

Prices inclusive of fiberglass kayak, paddle, splash guard, life jacket, waterproof jar for storing personal items and waterproof bags. Food and drinks are not included in the tour cost.

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