Kayak trip Temo Bosa River

Sunday 26 January 2020

River Temo Bosa in Kayak

Paid trip
Kayak course distance: about 15 km A + R
Proposal for beginners and families

Paid trip

Prices inclusive of fiberglass kayak, paddle, splash guard, life jacket, waterproof jar for storing personal items and waterproof bags. Food and drinks are not included in the tour cost.


Meeting point and departure at 9.30 am Ponte Vecchio Bosa
Nb. Reservations both for those who use their own equipment or for those who use Cardedu Kayak
yes they will end on Saturday before 18.00
For info costs, reservations, equipment rental

Tel - 0782 75637 Cell - 3489369401

To book the tour you can use the Fb page:


or fill in the form on the website at the following link: