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Located centrally on the eastern coast of Sardinia, its territory covers an area of approximately 1854km (squared). The province was established in 2005 and has 23 towns including the “capitals” Tortoli and Lanusei. There is also a port and an airport both located in the coastal resort of Arbatax. The SS125 is a major link-road leading north and south to Olbia and Cagliari respectively. The SS389 leads to other major towns including Nuoro, Sassari, Olbia and Oristano.

Ogliastra is so called because of its density of very old olive trees called “olivasti” that date back to more than a thousand years ago. However, it was also once said that the name derived from an enormous cliff called “Agugliastra” situated directly on the coast with the Tyrrhenian Sea lapping its shores.

Ogliastra is an area untouched and mostly unpolluted enclosed between mountains and lakes, plateaus and plains and forests. It boasts beautiful hidden coves and bays with calm crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches making it an ideal habitat for kayaking. The presence of unforgettable views, from the ones in the mountains to those on the coast, meet the requirements of all tourists whether they are looking for exploration and tranquility within the silence of the mountains or a relaxing chill-out on the sun soaked sandy beaches, bathing in the tepid waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Central Ogliastra is rich in forestation with chestnut trees, yew, oak, old olive trees and pine trees all flourishing. Living within this natural habitat are deer, mouflon, hares, rabbits, wild boars, quails and partridges. Numerous archeological sites are scattered generously throughout the territory with Nuraghe, Domus de Janas, giant tombs and menhirs featuring prominently.